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not a present

i finished the mitts i was working on.

i..uh..chose to use two different colors. Yeah, chose. that’s right.



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out, damn back!

I threw my back out yesterday. I leaned over to get my lunch out of the freezer at work, and my back went *twang!* I am in bed today, missing out on the company picnic. At least it’s a rainy day.

Since I’m not doing anything craftier than heating up a heating pad or putting icecubes in a ziploc, I’ll entertain you with some past FOs.

Here is a hat I made for Veronique, but then never sent because it would only fit her if she became Ginormitron Veronique.

big hat

hello, I am fuzzy. and poufy.

Here are the coasters I made for Will.






coaster action shots!

As you can see, the coasters are pink. As you cannot see, unless you looked at a much earlier post, the coasters have hearts on them. Clearly, Will does not have emasculation issues.


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mark needs some tiny hats

for his nose, so he can stop giving me his blasted cold. Damn men. The good news is that all I want to do is cuddle up to some wool, so I brought my ribbed hat in to work today and I plan to sit out in the sunshine (it promises to be a fabulous hot SF autumn day) at lunch and knit.

hat on desk

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Long Awaited FO’s

You’ve been patiently, doggedly, reading my blog since January. You’ve been following along as I determinedly start projects. You laugh with me as I flub, cry with me as I flub so badly I have to frog, held your breath as I neared completion. No? Hrm, I wonder why that could be? Could the url of this blog be any hint? Yes, dear readers (all zero of you), as I am a lazy crafter, so too am I a lazy blogger. There’s been nary a peep since February.

Why is this, you may ask yourself. My original blog was called crappy knitter, based on the fact that my first project was an utter travesty. A scarf of comic non-proportions, I was convinced it would take me a long time to become decent, long enough that I could have a substantive blog all about my crappy knitting.

Project #2 proved that wrong. Look, ma, I can make a knit stitch! Look, pa, I can make a purl stitch! Look, herb, I can make a heart! This new blog is celebrating the very essence of me. I am no longer a crappy knitter, but I am always a lazy knitter. Hell, I am lazy in every craft that I pursue.

Here are the FO’s (finished objects for all of you non-knitters) from the past 7 months:

mark’s bobble hat

mark’s bobble hat


Koa’s Baby Bobble Booties

koa’s baby bobbly booties


lily’s dishrag



veronique’s birthday hat



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My First Real Project ™

I recently completed my first project. From the Stitch n’ Bitch book, the chapter on increasing and decreasing had a hair kerchief as the poster child project for demonstrating its lessons. I don’t wear hair kerchiefs. I never was a part of that whole bandanna craze a few years back. Ok, I was enough a part of it to purchase one or two, and some illicit photos exist out there (you know who you are!) that even show me wearing them, but for the most part, I didn’t go near em. If my hair needed to be kept out of my face, I turned to the trusty aubergine (what?! that doesn’t make sense…)….I mean hair elastic thingie. What in the 80s morphed into the scrunchie (sadly, there are too many pics out there of me in those), by the bandanna 90s they had slimmed back down to rubber band size elastic thingie’s. So, since I don’t wear ’em, and since I had some random colors from my Mr. Roboto and Heart Coaster tester-projects, I decided to (once again, complicating things) use two yarns at the same time and knit up a hair kerchief. Here it is, beautifully modeled by Mark:

You can see his sense of style is very…strong. He’s obviously about to go use a torque wrench on his motorcycle.

Here is a closeup of the stitch (garter, with the pink/white variegated yarn and the lime green yarn). Not too shabby, eh? Who’s the crappy knitter now?

Oh wait, I am. At least I will be on projects tougher than a triangle that doesn’t need to really be sized. And for the sake of this blog, I better not improve too much.


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