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just another sunday…

…surfing the internet, taking random quizzes:

You paid attention during 100% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don’t get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

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To distract you from the lack of content, here is another picture of me from my childhood, this time from my 3rd birthday, I believe:






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my winter vacation

my bestie and her husband leave today, back to the cold wilds of boston. I am filled with much sadness that they are leaving, tho we had a great time this week. What did we do?

All in all, a good week. Now, back to work. *sigh*


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happy chanumasalia, everyone

we basked in the glow of the led lights on the ficus tree and opened presents.  Here we are posing with our pressies:

stolen shamelessly from veronique’s blog

We made mince pies, and bagels, and challah french toast.  Then we napped. For a long time.  We went to a traditional christmas dinner of chinese food, and we are off to the movies.  Happy Chanumasalia!

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to the ladies of america

“It is customary amongst the German ladies to have at hand some light piece of work, with which they can at any time be employed…they consider their knitting or netting needles an indispensable accompaniment. And there appears to be a charm in the occupation that promotes rather than impedes conversation.

Our American ladies will doubtless find the custom one worthy of imitation. Many an hour which would pass tediously if they were forced to find topics of conversation, may be whiled pleasantly and profitably away, by the assistance of some agreeable employment, which interests without engrossing the attention.”

A Winter Gift for Ladies, being Instructions in Knitting, Netting and Crotchet Work, Containing the Newest and Most Fashionable Patterns, revised and enlarged by an American lady. Philadelphia: G.B. Zeiber & Co., 1848

My friend Nina sent me a link to an Antique Pattern Library, a project to scan and post on the Internet needlework patterns that are in the public domain. It’s pretty cool, and always a treat to read about the problems of American ladies 160 years ago. Oh, the horror! Being forced to carry a conversation! Which must be why I knit, to avoid talking. Cause me, I hate the talk.

Speaking of the talk, I apologize for the last post. I thought I had posted about that hat previously, about how I was at my bestie’s house in October, how she had started a hat for her husband, but put it down once she got carpal tunnels, and I volunteered to finish it in exchange for the needles it was on, Addi Turbos (lust!). How I finished it, and I got the Addi Turbos in barter for Will’s hat.


hello, my nose is pink. to match my glasses.

Will then sent me pictures of the hat “in action.” I wanted to get all creative about finding the hat in the wild, which didn’t quite work. Can I blame the writing craziness and incoherency on MBA app stress? I believe I can.


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la presidenta

Due to all of the organization, logistics, and networking I do for the should-really-be-weekly Buffy superstah! club, I have officially been appointed the President. I am studiously ignoring the resounding cries of “duh!” and “dorkwad.”

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it’s the little things

I have been studying for the gmat recently (which explains the dearth of posts), so I’ve been getting good use out of my trusty mechanical pencil. It’s an unassuming cheap, rubberized grip pencil, and I love it. I love that I don’t have to carry a pencil sharpener. I love that I can retract the lead so I don’t find stray pencil marks. I love that the lead tracts and retracts with a satisfying click. It’s a simple pencil and it makes me happy.

So it was with much sadness recently when my pencil both ran out of lead and eraser. I’ve been scrabbling by, writing on an angle to not push to too-short lead back into the body, repositioning the eraser in minute amounts so it doesn’t fall out. Yesterday was extremely sad when both of these methods failed and I had to borrow a sub-standard generic mechanical pencil with the twist top. It’s really jarring to do math with a different pencil, it’s wrong somehow.

Today I went to Walgreens and bought some lead. They didn’t have the eraser refills. I then went to Utrecht across the street and bought the eraser, and some lead (it was cheaper than Walgreens! Hooray for a tiny bargain!). Now my pencil is refilled and is happy. I am happy.  The math? Still not happy.


evidence of my fabulous cameraphone picture taking abilities

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