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it’s the back, not the lazy. i swear.

i am laying here on my bed because my back still hurts. and it hurts a lot more if I stand up. i’m not being lazy, really!

the back is preventing me from knitting (oh hallowig crunchy acrylic goodness, how you look at me with sad puppy dog eyes. stop that! it’s not my fault!), from crafting, from getting up.

Although yesterday Mark and I did go to the El Cerrito city-wide yard sale. I picked up a sewing table with antique sewing machine (ignoring my vow to not get into sewing), which even worked when plugged in. the shocker. So now I have a whole piece of yard-sale-goodness equipment looking at me with the sad eyes. Shush, you!

ooh, Mark is here with breakfast. Mmmm, yogurt.



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lean on me

A while back someone in my building had put out a box of fabric samples.  I am never one to let a pile of possible craft supplies go to waste, so I picked the best out of the lot and brought it back to my apartment.  There they sat, like so many other craft supplies I had at one point fancied.  Yards of fabric, gathering dust. Taking up space on my dresser.  I am nothing if not a good piler.

Last week I decided to do something about it. My coworker Jessica has a sewing machine, so I brought the scraps to her place. I picked out the one fabric I liked best, a lime poufy silk, and Jessica showed me how to sew a pillow. With a machine. Magic!


Lots of fun, don’t think I’ll do it again.  I’m not much for the straight, neat lines.


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