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tedious sweater

Awhile back I subscribed to Interweave Knits. I fell in love with the cable-down raglan sweater in the Spring 07 issue. So what if I had never done a sweater before? So what if the only cables I knew were on the Verrazano-Narrows bridge? It was beautiful, and I was going to make it. I had a nice long plane flight in May (Hawai’i, mmmm), so I thought I could make decent progress.

Silly thought, I know. The cable chart is complex enough that I cannot be distracted while knitting – not even to talk! It takes me 1/2 hour to finish one round. Sheesh! It’s the end of September, and even after 5 roundtrip flights (Hawai’i, New York, Utah, Vermont, England – damn I travel a lot), I still haven’t even divided for the sleeves.

In the meantime, I’ve knit most everything you see in the previous post, with the exception of Mark’s bobble hat. And today, a perfectly lazy Sunday, while I thought I could at least do a round or two, I find myself casting-on for mason-dixon’s bias scarf (using some fabulous veronique-sponsored bamboo needles).

bias scarf

Maybe I’ll get to wear that sweater in about, oh say 5 years? I think that’s reasonable.



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