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out, damn back!

I threw my back out yesterday. I leaned over to get my lunch out of the freezer at work, and my back went *twang!* I am in bed today, missing out on the company picnic. At least it’s a rainy day.

Since I’m not doing anything craftier than heating up a heating pad or putting icecubes in a ziploc, I’ll entertain you with some past FOs.

Here is a hat I made for Veronique, but then never sent because it would only fit her if she became Ginormitron Veronique.

big hat

hello, I am fuzzy. and poufy.

Here are the coasters I made for Will.






coaster action shots!

As you can see, the coasters are pink. As you cannot see, unless you looked at a much earlier post, the coasters have hearts on them. Clearly, Will does not have emasculation issues.



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Alien LifePods

3 guesses as to what these are.

Wrong! This was my attempt to be a good jew. I attempted to make my mom’s fabulous stuffed cabbage (when I was a kid, nay, even 3 years ago, I would have made gagging noises at this dish. My tastes have matured. That’s probably the only part of me that has). I followed the directions to the letter, and took them out of the oven at the requisite time, but the inside didn’t look done. I certainly didn’t want Mark to think I couldn’t cook (I mean, why else would he hook himself up with a member of the tribe? It can’t be the guilt trips), so I popped them back in the oven. And then forgot about them. Whoops! They tasted good, if a bit .. um… condensed. Certainly not as moist as they should have been. They froze ok. Next time, I am setting a damn timer.

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