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to the ladies of america

“It is customary amongst the German ladies to have at hand some light piece of work, with which they can at any time be employed…they consider their knitting or netting needles an indispensable accompaniment. And there appears to be a charm in the occupation that promotes rather than impedes conversation.

Our American ladies will doubtless find the custom one worthy of imitation. Many an hour which would pass tediously if they were forced to find topics of conversation, may be whiled pleasantly and profitably away, by the assistance of some agreeable employment, which interests without engrossing the attention.”

A Winter Gift for Ladies, being Instructions in Knitting, Netting and Crotchet Work, Containing the Newest and Most Fashionable Patterns, revised and enlarged by an American lady. Philadelphia: G.B. Zeiber & Co., 1848

My friend Nina sent me a link to an Antique Pattern Library, a project to scan and post on the Internet needlework patterns that are in the public domain. It’s pretty cool, and always a treat to read about the problems of American ladies 160 years ago. Oh, the horror! Being forced to carry a conversation! Which must be why I knit, to avoid talking. Cause me, I hate the talk.

Speaking of the talk, I apologize for the last post. I thought I had posted about that hat previously, about how I was at my bestie’s house in October, how she had started a hat for her husband, but put it down once she got carpal tunnels, and I volunteered to finish it in exchange for the needles it was on, Addi Turbos (lust!). How I finished it, and I got the Addi Turbos in barter for Will’s hat.


hello, my nose is pink. to match my glasses.

Will then sent me pictures of the hat “in action.” I wanted to get all creative about finding the hat in the wild, which didn’t quite work. Can I blame the writing craziness and incoherency on MBA app stress? I believe I can.



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la presidenta

Due to all of the organization, logistics, and networking I do for the should-really-be-weekly Buffy superstah! club, I have officially been appointed the President. I am studiously ignoring the resounding cries of “duh!” and “dorkwad.”

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productive train knitting

This morning I spent a very productive train ride knitting. Here’s where I was at the start of the commute:


Mitts For Me, in Malabrigo’s Merino Worsted, color: Pearl Ten (it is purpler than the picture)

And here’s where I was at the end:

mitts unraveled

Turns out I can’t measure my own hand. Even tho the size I thought I was (8.5″) matched up with “Mens Medium” in the pattern, I carried on knitting, figuring that size will out. I remeasured my hand this morning (7.5″). Yup, I’m a standard Ladies Medium. And while I hate ripping out knitting, and I especially hate frogging, my proposed fixes (decreasing about 6 stitches in the next row, or lightly felting it) seemed silly now that I knew I was in error, and not the pattern. Plus, it’s not like I got very far. *sigh*

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disgruntled wednesday

Today started out so well. When I got out of the Bart, I was greeted by sun and warm air. Hooray! To celebrate (really, to be lazy), I decided to go to Starbucks to feed my addiction: an eggs-florentine sandwich. So. Frickin. Good. I hadn’t been there in a while as I was bringing my own breakfast (advance planning? crazy!). I walk in – there is a short line. Score! I place my order. The barista tells me that they don’t have eggs-florentine. Slight bummer, as they have run out before, so I wasn’t surprised. Then another barista tells me they replaced the eggs-florentine sandwich with a spinach wrap. Excuse me? You discontinued the best breakfast sandwich on the planet? Why? Why would you do such a thing? And to add insult to injury, you replaced it with a wrap? Wraps are so 1995! And they’re nasty to boot. The only “wrap” that is good is anything wrapped in a mexican tortilla – and those aren’t wraps! Who can I beat up over there? I’m a shareholder, I own one-bajillionth of the company, they should pay attention to me!


To make me feel better, my friend Laila showed me a picture of one of the baby goats she saw this weekend when she visited a goat farm.


baby goat

can I adopt one?


So. Frickin. Cute. Grrrr, Starbucks. But, Baby Goat! Still, grrrrrrrrrr, starbucks.

Ok, I am skiving pilates and going for a brisk walk for lunch. It’s so pretty outside! To pretty to waste doing exercise. Don’t look at me that way – I did pilates on monday and yoga on tuesday. I’ve been good. really. Baby goat!


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what i was



You guessed it, I was a Hello Kitty Disco Queen for hallowe’en.




Ok, maybe you didn’t guess it. But that’s what I was, and I’m sticking to it.




And for those of you who are wondering where my cat ears are, the “hello kitty” is more “character that could fit in the world of Sanrio,” but I figure more people have heard of hello kitty than sanrio. I was purple and pink, what can I say.


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what should i be?

hallowig fo

I look young

The hallowig is done! Now, what should the rest of the costume be?

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not my midterm

Dear Linda,

Can you bake me fudge for all of the advice i gave you?
Or a million dollars.




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