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just another sunday…

…surfing the internet, taking random quizzes:

You paid attention during 100% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don’t get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

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To distract you from the lack of content, here is another picture of me from my childhood, this time from my 3rd birthday, I believe:






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it’s thriller time

One of my earliest memories was dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I loved that cassette, but until my parents brought old photos when they came to visit this past weekend I didn’t remember how much I must’ve loved Michael Jackson.

michael jackson cake

That’s exactly what it looks like – the cake for my 6th birthday was decorated with (pre-surgeried) Michael Jackson’s face. You can see how excited I was by this, and my brother is practically swooning with jealousy, after all, for one of his birthdays all he got was Spiderman. How mundane.


Yeah, I grew up to be a Michael Jackson fan.  What’s it to you?


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my winter vacation

my bestie and her husband leave today, back to the cold wilds of boston. I am filled with much sadness that they are leaving, tho we had a great time this week. What did we do?

All in all, a good week. Now, back to work. *sigh*


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birthday bagel blogginess

Today is Mark’s birthday. Even though we are not celebrating for a few more weeks (nobody is around on thanksgiving weekend, and Mark will be gone for the next 2 weeks), I wanted to do something special on the actual day. I knew that he loves bagels with lox and cream cheese, and other than when we go to Saul’s, he doesn’t have them that often. I had recently seen Smitten Kitchen make her own bagels, so I decided to try it.


You start the dough at least one day before you want to cook the bagels. I could go into a jewish spiel about slaving over the stove, but I will benice and save you from my dramatics. It wasn’t really slaving, what with having a bread machine that can knead the (really stiff) dough, and it was fun making the bagel shapes. Putting them in the fridge overnight was such. hard. work.


Here are the bagels this morning, boiling in a bath of water, baking soda, and molasses (I didn’t have malt syrup):



floaty bagely goodness



Here are the just boiled bagels, topped with crushed garlic and salt, ready to go into the oven:


bagels boiled

the garlic is not that neon, but still yummy


Here is the final plating, with cream cheese (oh how I miss Temp-tee whipped cream cheese! Nancy’s Organic is so not as good) and lox:


bagels done

boiled, baked, bagely goodness


They were quite good, especially considering I used bread flour instead of super high gluten flour, active dry yeast instead of instant yeast, and brown sugar instead of malt syrup. The first batch did not have a super crispy crust, but the second batch, which was in the oven for longer, did. Mmmm! And Mark agrees.

Happy Undisclosed Age’th Birthday! I love you!


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disgruntled wednesday

Today started out so well. When I got out of the Bart, I was greeted by sun and warm air. Hooray! To celebrate (really, to be lazy), I decided to go to Starbucks to feed my addiction: an eggs-florentine sandwich. So. Frickin. Good. I hadn’t been there in a while as I was bringing my own breakfast (advance planning? crazy!). I walk in – there is a short line. Score! I place my order. The barista tells me that they don’t have eggs-florentine. Slight bummer, as they have run out before, so I wasn’t surprised. Then another barista tells me they replaced the eggs-florentine sandwich with a spinach wrap. Excuse me? You discontinued the best breakfast sandwich on the planet? Why? Why would you do such a thing? And to add insult to injury, you replaced it with a wrap? Wraps are so 1995! And they’re nasty to boot. The only “wrap” that is good is anything wrapped in a mexican tortilla – and those aren’t wraps! Who can I beat up over there? I’m a shareholder, I own one-bajillionth of the company, they should pay attention to me!


To make me feel better, my friend Laila showed me a picture of one of the baby goats she saw this weekend when she visited a goat farm.


baby goat

can I adopt one?


So. Frickin. Cute. Grrrr, Starbucks. But, Baby Goat! Still, grrrrrrrrrr, starbucks.

Ok, I am skiving pilates and going for a brisk walk for lunch. It’s so pretty outside! To pretty to waste doing exercise. Don’t look at me that way – I did pilates on monday and yoga on tuesday. I’ve been good. really. Baby goat!


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crespina, my second home

According to this article in the NYTimes, Crespina, Italy, is now the sister city to my dear hometown of Staten Island, NY. I cannot begin to tell you how funny that is to me. Apparently officials in Crespina were so thrilled that they threw a parade. I wonder if they had met the SI delegation when they first came up with the idea. (Imagine a nasal voice)”Yo, I tink dis town of Crespina would be an ideal vacation spot. Lets get dem to be sistah cities so we can go for free. Oh, an’ dey would trow in some grape advice, too. For free!” Cause that’s just what the ole’ forgotten borough needs: a vineyard. Just to confuse it with Lon Geyeland more!


Oh Crespina, how like Staten Island you are!

Also in the times this week, a “travel” article about Staten Island. Shouldn’t they have waited until the vineyard is set up? Ah well. Like all food guides to SI, they list Denino’s as a top pizzeria. Have they actually been? I’ve been many times – it’s crap. Ok, maybe not the worst pizza around, but there are so many better options. The only reason to go to Denino’s for dinner is because you plan on going to Ralph’s for dessert. And really, you should not even do that. Just go to Ralph’s. Trust me. If you want seriously good pizza on Staten Island, head to Joe and Pat’s. Trust me.

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this post brought to you by mark. cara’s hungry, and her back is hurting, and i’m going to be a wonderful boyfriend and make her breakfast. oh yes i am.

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