it’s thriller time

One of my earliest memories was dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I loved that cassette, but until my parents brought old photos when they came to visit this past weekend I didn’t remember how much I must’ve loved Michael Jackson.

michael jackson cake

That’s exactly what it looks like – the cake for my 6th birthday was decorated with (pre-surgeried) Michael Jackson’s face. You can see how excited I was by this, and my brother is practically swooning with jealousy, after all, for one of his birthdays all he got was Spiderman. How mundane.


Yeah, I grew up to be a Michael Jackson fan.  What’s it to you?



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8 responses to “it’s thriller time

  1. there are no words. none i tell you.

    • Jennifer

      Wow. I was looking for ideas for an MJ cake for my daughter, who is turning 7 soon. I grew up adoring Michael Jackson, now my two daughters are huge admirers. My youngest wants a Michael Jackson themed party this year. It certainly is a bittersweet request now that the greatest entertainer is gone. But, obviously, Michael Jackson will never be forgotten! :)

  2. Alexa

    So, okay, you grew up a Michael Jackson fan. But do you need to shout it to the world on this rather public forum? I don’t think I can visit this blog for a little while now… But say hi to the ‘rents for me!

  3. oh, crap. i accidentally commented about the cake on the previous post. i suck. that cake does not suck.

  4. love old family photos, especially ones with food. that photo is absolutely adorable! thanks for sharing.

  5. J-Rad

    I think they still have that toaster oven.

    You got that cassette for Channukah and we used to listen to it on a pink dual cassette player that you covered in puffy paint and star trek logos years later.

  6. Pop

    How appropriate. This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Thriller album and Michael Jackson has a new 25th anniversary release.

  7. A roommate urged me to read this post, brill post, fascinating read… keep up the cool work!

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