disgruntled wednesday

Today started out so well. When I got out of the Bart, I was greeted by sun and warm air. Hooray! To celebrate (really, to be lazy), I decided to go to Starbucks to feed my addiction: an eggs-florentine sandwich. So. Frickin. Good. I hadn’t been there in a while as I was bringing my own breakfast (advance planning? crazy!). I walk in – there is a short line. Score! I place my order. The barista tells me that they don’t have eggs-florentine. Slight bummer, as they have run out before, so I wasn’t surprised. Then another barista tells me they replaced the eggs-florentine sandwich with a spinach wrap. Excuse me? You discontinued the best breakfast sandwich on the planet? Why? Why would you do such a thing? And to add insult to injury, you replaced it with a wrap? Wraps are so 1995! And they’re nasty to boot. The only “wrap” that is good is anything wrapped in a mexican tortilla – and those aren’t wraps! Who can I beat up over there? I’m a shareholder, I own one-bajillionth of the company, they should pay attention to me!


To make me feel better, my friend Laila showed me a picture of one of the baby goats she saw this weekend when she visited a goat farm.


baby goat

can I adopt one?


So. Frickin. Cute. Grrrr, Starbucks. But, Baby Goat! Still, grrrrrrrrrr, starbucks.

Ok, I am skiving pilates and going for a brisk walk for lunch. It’s so pretty outside! To pretty to waste doing exercise. Don’t look at me that way – I did pilates on monday and yoga on tuesday. I’ve been good. really. Baby goat!



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3 responses to “disgruntled wednesday

  1. i’m starting a crusade to get everyone to call you goatlet. who is with me?

  2. will

    i am down with goatlet, but better than that would be whenever cara goes on a rant, it is called “cara raising the goatlet” (like raising the gaunlet).
    also, i agree with the wraps comment. here another note to remember, and i say this with the authority of much time spent in Israel. There are tortilla’s from mexico and pita/laffa from the middle east. a wrap is neither one nor the other. if i want a tortilla, it should be hot with metled things. if i want a pita, it should have fried things in it. and if i want a sandwhich, it should involve real bread. i hate wraps, yet so often i am forced to eat them. can’t we go back to sandwhiches?

  3. mom

    Sorry Veronique, Cara is called “ketsela” (little cat), there is no more room for other names and since I am her mother, then the name calling ends here! (But goatsela has a nice ring to it)

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