happy knitiversary!

Today is not my actual one-year knitiversary. But it’s close enough. Yes, one year and one week ago I was in Seattle with my friend Carey and asked her how to knit, in exchange for teaching her how to make marble magnets. It took me a month or two to get the hang of it (it took Carey less than one evening to get the hang of marble magnetting), but I can proudly claim that I have still not finished a scarf! What I have finished instead are a multitude of hats. It’s the lazy, obviously. I haven’t touched the CDR since I took it off the needles (note to self: if one is a lazy crafter, then one should not remove project from needles before project is complete, especially if said project is large), my ribbed hat has languished since I took up the hallowig (deadline knitting not conducive to working on other projects. Also, everything i was working on was ribbed so I got very sick of it. Also also it hasn’t been hat weather), and those knit robots have been sitting in the knitting bag since kingdom come (obviously the robots are planning to take over the world and I am doing my part to resist them). Regardless of the lack of many fo’s, I am still proud of myself. I did not forsee doing a sweater, let along a cabled sweater, or a pair of lace socks, or a knitted wig! Go me! Cake and presents welcome.


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