what i was



You guessed it, I was a Hello Kitty Disco Queen for hallowe’en.




Ok, maybe you didn’t guess it. But that’s what I was, and I’m sticking to it.




And for those of you who are wondering where my cat ears are, the “hello kitty” is more “character that could fit in the world of Sanrio,” but I figure more people have heard of hello kitty than sanrio. I was purple and pink, what can I say.



Filed under fo, knitting, monstrosities

2 responses to “what i was

  1. You are a tasty wench in that get up, but I did so love the wig, pre-shaping, perched on your head at Logan last Friday night!

  2. Marcela Tiznado

    Hey! I once found a link how to do the nice hat you are wearing in the picture…the point is..that Ive lost it :( Do you have it??? Thanks!

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