pain in my arse

What does SI mean for you, dear blog readers?

1. yes (think in spanish)

2. sports illustrated

3. sexy investments

4. standard international units

5. Staten Island

This is what SI means to me this week.

That right there would be the sacroiliac joint, otherwise known as the SI joint. Also termed: pain in my arse, f$#%in a-, owwwww, etc. It ain’t a pulled muscle like I thought. Apparently it is also a common cause of back pain, so maybe I have hurt it before. I doubt it, as I have not had the same symptoms before.



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2 responses to “pain in my arse

  1. mom

    Kisses to your si. Put your cute little si up to the computer screen for a mother’s get well kiss. Now, doesn’t that feel all better? Okay, that doesn’t sound quite right, but you get the idea.

  2. you are such a copy cat. i had that already this year.. next thing you will tell me is that you are applying for b-school :)

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