out, damn back!

I threw my back out yesterday. I leaned over to get my lunch out of the freezer at work, and my back went *twang!* I am in bed today, missing out on the company picnic. At least it’s a rainy day.

Since I’m not doing anything craftier than heating up a heating pad or putting icecubes in a ziploc, I’ll entertain you with some past FOs.

Here is a hat I made for Veronique, but then never sent because it would only fit her if she became Ginormitron Veronique.

big hat

hello, I am fuzzy. and poufy.

Here are the coasters I made for Will.






coaster action shots!

As you can see, the coasters are pink. As you cannot see, unless you looked at a much earlier post, the coasters have hearts on them. Clearly, Will does not have emasculation issues.



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8 responses to “out, damn back!

  1. thank you, i am not a Ginormitron Veronique. but who is this Will guy he sounds dreamy…

  2. I hope your back feels better soon – nothing like a random back twang to remind you that you ain’t 12 anymore. (And thank goodness. Who wants to be 12?)

    The hats and coasters turned out lovely.

  3. akrua

    i am so glad i am not 12 again! 24 might be nice, tho.
    my back is why I didn’t go to melodee last night, and i cant make it for the next two weeks either! november it is, then.

  4. will

    it is true, i don’t have too many issues (at least that is my perspective). I am not sure what the super dreamy veronique would say.

  5. But if you were 12, we’d have a lot of fun at your Bat Mitzvah the second time through!

  6. mom

    One Bat Mitzvah was enough thank you. Although maybe this time we would get the pictures done.

  7. akrua

    if you get the pics done i will post them to this blog

  8. mom

    Watch what you wish for. You do have the picture of you in your Bat Mitzvah dress although at the time of the second wearing you were around 24yrs or so.

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