try it on for size

Here are the pics of me in the sweater, at approx 36″ (the cables make it a slightly dif width, tho I didn’t take a tape measure out)



It doesn’t quite fit over the ladies. Hopefully another inch will do it.



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7 responses to “try it on for size

  1. preita

    Looking great. Love the color & the front cables are very cute. Love the sleeves :)

  2. This will be gorgeous (already is) and the color looks great!

  3. SO impressive! I think you should leave it “as is”, though.

  4. mom

    Wow. Looks great now even though the ladies need a bit of covering. although they do look good unfinished. Love the cables inthe front and the sleeves. I am glad that you didn’t ask me to help with the math. I am an art person not a math person.

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