sizing up the matter

I have been cranking out the rounds on my cable down raglan. I am up to the part where I need to pick a size. I measured my store bought sweaters – they seem to be about 36″ or 37″. I’m worried that the 38″ will be too big, and the 34″ will be too small. However, my gauge is off at 5st to the inch instead of 5.25 (fell victim to the “swatch on straight needles while the project is on circs” problem). So, doing the math, right now my sweater measures 36″ at the bust. I’m going to try it on tonight to see if it fits. If it does, that means I have to do more calculations to figure out the waist cabling. As it stands now, I can do 11 waist cables, but there would be no k2 ribbing between the cables. If the 36″ is too small, I can go up to almost 37″ by adding the k2 border around the diamond cable. Thoughts?

Here is the model picture:




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12 responses to “sizing up the matter

  1. why didn’t you ask me for my measurements? i thought this was for me ….

  2. jporchanian

    Good for you, knitting your own sweaters!

  3. Alexa

    In the pattern, when it measures 34″ in the bust, how big is it in the waist? You’ve got a pretty curvy figure, so you might want to have it come in more at the waist than the pattern originally specified. Cabling will cause the sweater to come in at the waist a little, but not that much once you’ve blocked the sweater, so if you want it to come in more, then I say take out the cables. Or perhaps ribs. Like dancers.

  4. Alexa

    ANd I’m doubly confused: If you are getting 5 stitches to the inch, and you would need to add stiches to do the K2 border, then wouldn’t you end up adding 4″? For 11 cables, you’d have 11 K2 ribs=22 stitches @ 5 stiches/in = 4 inches?

    Something else to keep in mind: the ribs will make the sweater come in a bit more at the waist. Think of ribbed sweaters that seem small and stretch when you put them on. But they only stretch as much as you need them to…

  5. Alexa

    And if you’re making a sweater for Veronique, can I have one too?

  6. akrua

    The main diamond cable pattern is 26 stitches, and the waist cables are 14 stitches each. All the cables are separated by k2. Taking them out is not an option anymore, as the 36″ is too small. I think I’m going to try it on again at 37″ to see what that looks like. Pictures of the trying on tomorrow (it’s on my camera at home)!

  7. I left this same comment on the CDR-KAL site, but basically, I usually knit things to be 34″ and for the CDR, I went down to 31 1/4″ size. It fits perfect – there’s a little ease in this one. I would say try the 34″ size and do a few increases if needed, but I bet it might fit great.

  8. akrua

    Thanks, amanda! Trying on the sweater at 36″ was a bit difficult to manage with only two hands – it was hard to see if the sides of the front and back pieces closed up without being too snug. I think it did stretch a bit too much, so I’m going to try it on when it gets to 37″.

  9. akrua

    and lex, i would only add the k2 around the main diamond chart for a total of 4 stitches (almost an inch)- the other waist cables would be k2-less. It’s hard to see on the pic posted because it’s a side view. You can see other people’s fo’s at the KAL

  10. Alexa

    Oh, something else to keep in mind: Your store-bought sweaters have been blocked and sized. So if they all measure 36″, then you need yours to be a little smaller than that. Though looking over your reply, maybe not!

  11. akrua

    hrm good point.

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