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what i was



You guessed it, I was a Hello Kitty Disco Queen for hallowe’en.




Ok, maybe you didn’t guess it. But that’s what I was, and I’m sticking to it.




And for those of you who are wondering where my cat ears are, the “hello kitty” is more “character that could fit in the world of Sanrio,” but I figure more people have heard of hello kitty than sanrio. I was purple and pink, what can I say.



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first blog tag

ooh, i’ve been tagged! I normally don’t like being tagged, but what the hey. First tag on this blog will get a response – but no more.

The rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. i’m ignoring #3 and 4

7 facts:

a) I am a gemini

2) I was in Hackers

gamma) Admittedly, in a crowd scene, with the camera way up high

$) I can imitate accents pretty well, but I have to be listening to them

penta) I’ve flown in zero-gravity – twice

666)  I don’t like the feel of newspaper

g) I look like I wear eyeshadow, but it’s really the skin coloring over my eyes.

In other news, I was visiting my bestie this weekend, and she promised to give me her Addi Turbos. Sadly, they had a hat on them  (she gave up knitting when it hurt her wrists). So I finished it for her Will.  Here is me modeling it. Thanks for the addis, veronique!

will’s hat


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what should i be?

hallowig fo

I look young

The hallowig is done! Now, what should the rest of the costume be?

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not my midterm

Dear Linda,

Can you bake me fudge for all of the advice i gave you?
Or a million dollars.




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I arrived in atlanta around 7pm and made my way to the hotel. My room is across the hall from the fitness center. This is fab because the center has a steam room and sauna. I can’t wait! I knitted for a while and ordered room service. The food was good, but not quite worth $42 (even tho the menu price was $26 – damn service fees and taxes). I(reluctantly) start my homework, deciding that the sauna will be my reward. 12:30am – homework is done (well, not fully done, but it’s all I can stand to do right now). I pad over to the fitness center, and of course it closed at 10pm. There’s no sign saying as such, but a friendly hotel worker informed me. Grrrrr. Now I have to do my back exercizes without the pleasure of a steam room or sauna. ok, i’ll stop whinging now. or almost now. *wahhh* i want the sauna! *wahhh* (somebody, please shoot her! she’s at the bloody ritz for gawd’s sake – no reason to act like a spoiled child. Or is it every reason to act like a spoiled child? when else will i be at the ritz? isn’t it expected?)


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i’m off to atlanta for work tomorrow, and then to boston to visit veronique. To tide you over for the week, here are some pictures.

sewing machine table

My new sewing machine (table)

sewing machine table open

Sewing Machine table open

sewing machine

Close-up of sewing machine

hallowig1 wip

Hallowig (not made on sewing machine)

hallowig2 wip

Obviously unfinished hallowig (10 days to go!)

sewing machine table with crap

What the sewing machine table normally looks like,

before I prepped it for the photo shoot

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pain in my arse

What does SI mean for you, dear blog readers?

1. yes (think in spanish)

2. sports illustrated

3. sexy investments

4. standard international units

5. Staten Island

This is what SI means to me this week.

That right there would be the sacroiliac joint, otherwise known as the SI joint. Also termed: pain in my arse, f$#%in a-, owwwww, etc. It ain’t a pulled muscle like I thought. Apparently it is also a common cause of back pain, so maybe I have hurt it before. I doubt it, as I have not had the same symptoms before.


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