round and round we go

One of the stumbling blocks to working on the cable down raglan has been using a cable needle. This is my first cable project and I dutifully bought a cable needle to cable with. I didn’t know if you had to have a particular size (turns out it’s easier to use the same size as your knitting needle. My cable needle was smaller. Oops.). It’s been a drag. I just can’t deal with 3 needles going on at once. It’s very slow going, even when I started using a dpn of the same size as the knitting needle.

That has hopefully changed. Today I taught myself how to cable without a cable needle, thanks to grumperina. I did 5 rounds today, that must be a record! I finished the first skein of yarn, too, finally!

cable down raglan 9-29-07

i am one skein of yarn



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5 responses to “round and round we go

  1. i am so excited that you decided to make me a sweater in such a great color!

  2. Mom

    Impressive. And she is making it in a color that looks great with my blondness. (This will definitely be another for my list of unfairness.)

  3. akrua

    it’s unfair that you are blond?

  4. mom

    No silly, its unfair that I won’t have such a beautiful sweater to call my own. (It is nice being able to pout for a change and to play the martyr.)

  5. akrua

    well neither will i if i proceed at this rate. i havent knitted a stitch since i last posted.

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