Long Awaited FO’s

You’ve been patiently, doggedly, reading my blog since January. You’ve been following along as I determinedly start projects. You laugh with me as I flub, cry with me as I flub so badly I have to frog, held your breath as I neared completion. No? Hrm, I wonder why that could be? Could the url of this blog be any hint? Yes, dear readers (all zero of you), as I am a lazy crafter, so too am I a lazy blogger. There’s been nary a peep since February.

Why is this, you may ask yourself. My original blog was called crappy knitter, based on the fact that my first project was an utter travesty. A scarf of comic non-proportions, I was convinced it would take me a long time to become decent, long enough that I could have a substantive blog all about my crappy knitting.

Project #2 proved that wrong. Look, ma, I can make a knit stitch! Look, pa, I can make a purl stitch! Look, herb, I can make a heart! This new blog is celebrating the very essence of me. I am no longer a crappy knitter, but I am always a lazy knitter. Hell, I am lazy in every craft that I pursue.

Here are the FO’s (finished objects for all of you non-knitters) from the past 7 months:

mark’s bobble hat

mark’s bobble hat


Koa’s Baby Bobble Booties

koa’s baby bobbly booties


lily’s dishrag



veronique’s birthday hat




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4 responses to “Long Awaited FO’s

  1. so upon reciept of my hat, my darling husband asks, can i turn in my coasters for a cool hat like that… sans flower of course!

  2. will

    do you want a photo of the coasters? i could lay them out all nice like, or maybe you want an action photo – coasters coasting, protecting valuable wood from terrible water circles.

    um, also, i like hats, especially winter ones since my head gets mighty cold.

    in fact, i hear it is a bit nippy in the bay area in december . . .

  3. mom

    You rule. Your knit and purl and wit astound me. I am sorry that I never taught u to knit….i did those things way before you were born and I went and did other things. Will you teach me? Ur writing should be in a knitting book. And Mark looks real cute in that little number.

  4. mom

    Is that your pretty little fingers knitting put thru photoshop above?

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