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round and round we go

One of the stumbling blocks to working on the cable down raglan has been using a cable needle. This is my first cable project and I dutifully bought a cable needle to cable with. I didn’t know if you had to have a particular size (turns out it’s easier to use the same size as your knitting needle. My cable needle was smaller. Oops.). It’s been a drag. I just can’t deal with 3 needles going on at once. It’s very slow going, even when I started using a dpn of the same size as the knitting needle.

That has hopefully changed. Today I taught myself how to cable without a cable needle, thanks to grumperina. I did 5 rounds today, that must be a record! I finished the first skein of yarn, too, finally!

cable down raglan 9-29-07

i am one skein of yarn



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meatballs of fury

i made this up using the meat leftover from my mom’s stuffed cabbage recipe:

1/2 lb ground beef
1 egg
1/4c rice
1/4c onion
1can tomatoes
2 leaves chopped kale
red pepper flakes

cook rice for 10 minutes, until mostly done.
in a bowl, combine beef, egg, rice, onion, cinnamon, coriander, red
pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. form into small meatballs.
in a pot, combine can of tomatoes, raisins, and pistachios. Bring to a
boil. add meatballs to pot. Reduce heat to simmer. Cover, cook until meatballs are done.
take off heat, add kale and stir until kale wilts.

serves 2

Sorry, no pictures because it’s all in my and Mark’s tummies.

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Mark and I went to the farmer’s market today. We’re trying to do that regularly, so we always have fresh vegetables in the house (you know the type, sits on a fridge shelf, throwing glowering looks at you as it molders away, turns into rotten pulp just when you’ve remembered to use it). We’re not trying to save money, as the Berkeley Farmers Market is anything but cheap, but we are trying to not eat supermarket veg.

I have my shopping list out (thank the Palm gods for the handyshopper program, ticking items off the list. Leeks, check. Peppers, check. Pancetta, check. Corn (so not on the list, but mmmm, corn), check.

The last on the list is garlic. Luckily, the chicken people, in addition to eggs and broiler chickens which, while not on the list, went into the bag, had a box of garlic – $4/lb. It was the sorriest looking garlic ever. It looked moldy. I shuddered, but then kept in mind that the ugliest vegetables often taste the best. Into the bag they went. Home, freed from their skins, they were perfectly fine. Roasted in oil they were sublime.



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tiny thumb tops

Hrm… what could this be?



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mark needs some tiny hats

for his nose, so he can stop giving me his blasted cold. Damn men. The good news is that all I want to do is cuddle up to some wool, so I brought my ribbed hat in to work today and I plan to sit out in the sunshine (it promises to be a fabulous hot SF autumn day) at lunch and knit.

hat on desk

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Saintly Knits

Innocent drinks are urging knitters to create tiny hats for their bottles in an effort to raise money for Age Concern, an organization devoted to providing support for older people in winter. Valiant effort, truly adorable, and perfect for those knitters who are mildly ADD (and who among us isn’t?) but isn’t it antithetical to try to keep refrigerated drinks warm?

From their website: Warm smoothies just don’t cut the mustard, so as a reminder to those of you who’ll be buying our little drinks, please make sure they’re kept chilled. The reason this is important is that our drinks are made from 100% pure fruit and nothing else. We don’t use preservatives, stabilisers or additives. So, as you’d expect from a completely natural product, they must be kept chilled at all times to keep them fresh.

Bring on the tiny hats!

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tedious sweater

Awhile back I subscribed to Interweave Knits. I fell in love with the cable-down raglan sweater in the Spring 07 issue. So what if I had never done a sweater before? So what if the only cables I knew were on the Verrazano-Narrows bridge? It was beautiful, and I was going to make it. I had a nice long plane flight in May (Hawai’i, mmmm), so I thought I could make decent progress.

Silly thought, I know. The cable chart is complex enough that I cannot be distracted while knitting – not even to talk! It takes me 1/2 hour to finish one round. Sheesh! It’s the end of September, and even after 5 roundtrip flights (Hawai’i, New York, Utah, Vermont, England – damn I travel a lot), I still haven’t even divided for the sleeves.

In the meantime, I’ve knit most everything you see in the previous post, with the exception of Mark’s bobble hat. And today, a perfectly lazy Sunday, while I thought I could at least do a round or two, I find myself casting-on for mason-dixon’s bias scarf (using some fabulous veronique-sponsored bamboo needles).

bias scarf

Maybe I’ll get to wear that sweater in about, oh say 5 years? I think that’s reasonable.


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